Diva Voci

Experience The Gift of women singing together in delight-full harmony
in these beautiful sessions designed especially for women.

Each session will take you on a different journey of sound, song and soul
Providing a safe space for you to connect with your Self and other women
as you...
immerse and surround your Self with joyous vibrations singing together as one.

Be gently guided by Emma to reconnect with your natural voice and sing your woman song!

Come along and sing to your heart’s content!
Complimentary tea provided

Thursday Evenings 7.00pm—8.45pm

New World Rhythm

New World Rhythm –is performance choir who love to entertain with a variety of music styles from the rhythmic sounds of World Music including African, Celtic, Greek and Russian, to the sweet traditional tones of Gospel and Folk Music as well as some Brian Martin originals!

This group is a family, a tribe who specialize in spreading joy and unity through singing stunning harmonies and having fun.
We provide a joyful and supportive singing enviroment with 'Sectional Assistants' extra rehearsals and professional instructional Cds/mp3's available on the website.

07 3103 3074
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