Canberra Shape Note Singers

This is an open singing session for all ages. A desire to sing is all that is required of participants. We sing from the The Denison version hymnal called The Sacred Harp. Loaner copies are available. We sing around a hollow square in 4 parts. Bass Tenor Alto and Trebles without instruments.

This style is considered an American Folk Gospel Tradition that is spreading around the world with each singing group independent of each other. The music notes are in the shape of a square, triangle, circle and diamond - this is why it is called shape note singing.

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Pop up Choir

Under the musical direction of Rachel Hore OAM, the Pop up choir is a big and gorgeous choir that welcomes new singers. Come along as a casual, or join up weekly to sing a fabulous repertoire of songs arranged and written by Rachel. We sing at concerts, street pop ups, festivals, conferences, market days and more. More info

Strange Weather Gospel Choir

Strange Weather Gospel Choir is a Canberra community performance choir consisting of around 30 non-auditioned singers whose shared passion and love for music aims to inspire and move audiences. Our members are from all walks of life; young adults to retirees and the full spectrum of religious belief to non-belief. What unites our members is a love of singing together in a supportive environment.

Rushing Waters

Rushing Waters is an exciting new university style a capella group in the Canberra region! Think Pitch-Perfect, but with contemporary Christian and popular songs with a positive message. Rushing Waters is made up of about 14 young adult members, representing several of Canberra’s educational institutions and churches, but united with a single goal and purpose: to serve the Canberra community in sharing Christ’s love through music.

Wayfarers Australia

Wayfarers Australia (formerly Waldorf Wayfarers) was started in 1997 by composer, choral conductor and music educator Judith Clingan AM. Judith brought together students, parents and teachers from several Steiner Waldorf schools in eastern Australia to encourage teenagers, particularly boys, to enjoy singing choral music in four parts (soprano, alto, tenor, bass). The choir has grown to include performers from all over Australia.

Lady's Mantle

Lady's Mantle is a women's a cappella ensemble with a wide ranging repertoire, from medieval times to the present day, and both secular and sacred music. Music is drawn from contemporary composers, the folk tradition and others including Hildegard von Bingen, Tomas Luis Victoria, Gabriel Faure, and Benjamin Britten. We perform at many of Canberra’s major venues and on special occasions. Director, Maia Harrison is an experienced conductor, composer, arranger, music teacher and performer. Rehearsals are held each Wednesday night from 7:45 at either St.

The Resonants

The Resonants, directed by Helen Swan (a well known musician and music educator in Canberra), is an independent, non-profit ensemble of young professionals and university students who came together through a common love of choral music. 2009 was the twentieth year of the choir, and a celebratory concert was held in November 2009 to pay tribute to the Resonants' first 20 years.

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Brindabella Chorus

Brindabella Chorus is a group of over 60 women who love to sing four part a cappella music in the barbershop style!

The chorus focusses on singing well as a group, developing the vocal potential of every member in a positive and supportive way and enjoying each other's company. We're serious about singing well and having a good the same time!

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