Hallelujah Gospel Chorus - commencing 30th Oct

Led by the brilliant Dr Kathleen McGuire,

We are excited that the Hallelujah Gospel Chorus will be returning for another fun filled term. This is a non-auditioned choir open to
adults to join – all welcome!

With the opportunity to perform in the School of Hard Knocks ‘Hand in Hand’ concert at Melbourne Town Hall on Saturday 10th December 2016.

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0419 337 283

Perfect Chord

Perfect Chord is a 4-part choir that is focussed on creating unity in diversity. Our main aim is to reflect the following idea:

The diversity in the human family
should be the cause of love and harmony
as it is in music where many different notes
blend together in the making of a perfect chord.
~ 'Abdu'l-Bahá

Therefore, we sing songs in many different languages, from many Faith traditions and cultures.

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One World Choral

One World Choral will introduce audiences in Australia to their vibrant choral repertoire celebrating cultural diversity through music. The choir has been established to fill the void in performing cultural music from every continent.

The choir will perform commissioned works from leading international composers and will also perform a significant number of exciting Australian compositions. Through this exciting repertoire the audiences will also be introduced to a distinctive choral sound increasing audience appreciation of the cultural influences through music.


The Rock n' Soul choir

Sydney’s Rock’n Soul Choir
Sing and have fun with Sydney's premier community choir.
There's no auditions and no need to read music! Just fun!

Learn performance and singing skills, make new friends and participate in community events.

Call now for your free taster session at your nearest Rock'n Soul rehearsal venue.

Contact: 0431 200 500


The Harmony Choir Brisbane

Bio: The Harmony Choir Brisbane

“Hi…my name is Roo Friend and I’ve been running a choir in central Brisbane for the last 12 months called The Lunchtime Choir.”

This was how my second street flyer began back in 2007 and I had a slogan on the flyer: “Everybody needs a little TLC...”

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The Heathens

The Heathens is a community choir based in Blackheath, whose members come from across the Blue Mountains. The choir’s name is a delicate reference to our home base, as people from Blackheath are known as ‘Blackheathens’. The choir is not auditioned and while the ability to read music is welcomed it is not essential. We welcome new members.

The Heathens have a busy schedule with invitations to perform at local events and a number of the wonderful local town and village festivals that adorn the calendar in the colourful Blue Mountains.


Penrith City Choir

Since its inception in 1977 the choir has produced many major concerts locally as well as being involved in local community functions. Penrith City Choir has hosted numerous choral festivals and workshops and has performed many of the full-scale choral works, often in association with the Penrith Symphony Orchestra and other choirs.

Musical Director, Lucy McAlary is a versatile musician and choral specialist who combines years of experience in arts education with a creative and imaginative teaching style.

0247 543946

Bridge on the River Choir

The Bridge on the River Choir in St Peters

02 9785 0563
0414 869 352
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