Callaghan Singers

The Callaghan Singers are a community choir of the University of Newcastle, NSW. We sing a variety of styles from madrigals to pop music.

The Buds Youth A Cappella Choir

For young songbirds looking for a challenge, The Buds A Cappella Choir is looking for new members. Come join one of the hottest youth ensembles poised to take the Melbourne choral community by storm!

Baby sister group to The Poppies a cappella quartet, The Buds is open for singers of secondary school age up to 25 years (and no, you won't ever be kicked out based on age!).

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Brisbane City Sounds

Brisbane City Sounds is a women's a cappella chorus with a passion for harmony singing. Our members are from all walks of life, across all ages, and from all over Brisbane, and we are always on the lookout for new members to join our chorus.

The Owls and the Pussycats


The Owls and the Pussycats

acapella choir

In search of love and adventure, the sublime and the ridiculous, we’re singing our way through life together.
Fair weather or storm, we are gathering songs for every occasion, for every life circumstance…songs to wonder at the magnificence of life on earth, songs to mourn love lost, songs of yearning for the humble cup o’tea.
Rowdy then tender, we embrace lifes infinite variety and share it in lush harmonies and emotive tunes.

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Cantabile Quartet - Professional Choir

Are you looking to hire a professional Sydney choir or vocal group?  We usually perform as a quartet in four part harmony (soprano, alto, tenor and bass) but are also available as a duo to a group of 8. We can perform acapella or with instrumental accompaniment.  

0415 796 095
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Redland Rhapsody Chorus

Redland’s Premier a Cappella Chorus
Sweet Adeline’s 2014 Australian Champion Show Chorus

We are an exciting and modern show chorus. Every performance is a show. We are stylish, slick, precise, professional and passionate in our approach to music making, performance and musical production. A Chorus with passion………lovin’ what we do!!

0407 021 876

Rushing Waters

Rushing Waters is an exciting new university style a capella group in the Canberra region! Think Pitch-Perfect, but with contemporary Christian and popular songs with a positive message. Rushing Waters is made up of about 14 young adult members, representing several of Canberra’s educational institutions and churches, but united with a single goal and purpose: to serve the Canberra community in sharing Christ’s love through music.

Adelaide Sound Connection

Women Celebrating in Harmony!

Adelaide Sound Connection is an 'a cappella' women's chorus based in Adelaide (South Australia), committed to musical excellence and sharing the joy of singing in four-part close harmony - with expression and energy!

0438 618 107

Sydney Vocal Project

Sydney Vocal Project is a singers group for auditioned and competant harmony singers. They have created a fun, but no nonsense, fast paced learning environment. We have a very quick repertoire turn over, even quicker learning expectation - away from rehearsals and don't get bogged down in more than 2 rehearsals per month.

Looking for your next vocal group challenge? Auditions are January and Mid year. Call Jim on 0404 881 302

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Voci Stupende

VOCI STUPENDE (Italian for “wonderful voices”) is a classical song company featuring some of Australia’s newest and most promising rising stars of the operatic world from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. This dynamic group of young people have already enchanted and enthralled audiences, their concerts an evocative journey through the ages of classical song.

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