Voces Spanish Choir

A new community choir in Canberra established to celebrate the rich heritage of Spanish music - all welcome.

'Voces' is a mixed SATB a cappella choir specialising in all-Spanish repertoire; sung in Spanish. To be as inclusive as possible, proficiency in Spanish language is not a prerequisite as pronunciation and lyrics are workshopped during rehearsals for non-Spanish speakers.

The only prerequisite is to be able to sing in tune throughout your range, hence the audition.

Shades of Monday

Shades of Monday was founded in 2011 by Libby Oakes-Ash and under the Musical Direction if Nicole Nunan. After two years of auditions we now have a 20 voice mixed group of various musical backgrounds. We are quickly gathering a reputation in Canberra as a group to watch. We are keen to keep learning, growing and being stretched musically in directions we didn't think we could go:-) in 2014 we are keen to find a couple more basses and very interested in finding someone who can beat box.

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