MADS Presents: Violets in Her Lap

Sat, 09/06/2018 - 7:00pm


We are incredibly excited to share with you our first concert for 2018, Violets in Her Lap. This semester's repertoire is an exploration of queerness in the Renaissance and beyond, drawing from a wide range of composers and poets and contexts. Queer love has existed, struggled, flourished, and wept over beautiful people for as long as humans have lived.

From settings of the poetry of Michelangelo and Shakespeare, to the symbolism and euphemism of Italian Renaissance composers and English Romantics, to even a surprise parody mass, we want to share with you music you may never have heard before, and insights into the not-so-hidden histories of queer sexualities.

If you've ever loved someone so beautiful they made you cry, gotten drunk and made out with your bros, or just really really appreciated the myths of Diana, please join us for an evening of songs, sarcasm, symbolism, and little to no heterosexuality.

7pm on the 9th of June in the Old Darlington School, and then to the pub afterwards for socials!

Ticket prices (available at the door):
Sydney University ACCESS card holders: $5
Concession: $15
Adult: $25

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Dillan Chen
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Venue Name: 
Old Darlington School
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