CONstant Voices Choir

The Sydney Conservatorium 's Open Academy has started a daytime course in accappella ensemble singing. If you’ve never sung in a choir before, or would like to feel you have the skills to sing with a group, then come and enjoy the joy of singing with other voices in harmony. Once upon a time people got together to sing at the dinner table or in the tavern, in the church hall or even in the barbershop. They sang rounds, madrigals, spirituals, musical puzzle songs, barbershop songs, hymns, chorales, folksongs and carols; even popular songs get a gleeful treatment these days.

Singing in harmony is one of the most satisfying things we humans can do, and there is a universe of music just waiting for an SABT (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) group to bring it to life.

And you’ll also learn the vocal techniques needed to blend, breath together (or ‘stagger’ breathe), use the same vowel shapes, and dynamically ‘shape’ the music so it’s not just Loud or Soft

Entry: If you don’t read music yet, that’s not a problem…but you will need to have a good ‘ear’. You also need to be able to sing in tune.