MOBA (Mother and Baby) Singing Group

Singing together with your baby is fun!. It also helps you bond with your baby, lifts your mood, helps baby language learning, needs no equipment. What's not to like! Starting Wed May 24 9-10AM . Followed at 10.30am by daytime group of Perfect 5th choir.
In this informal social group, you'll learn new unaccompanied songs revive ones you've long forgotten and gain confidence in your singing along with your baby. The group will be led by experienced singer (The Transylvaniacs, Blindman's Holiday), specialist singing teacher and researcher Gemma Turner, PhD. For the past year, Gemma has been involved in therapeutic singing in a hospital mother and baby unit. And surprise, surprise - it makes people feel better! Contact Gemma if you would like to come along or have any questions.

0435 03 77 94
Folk, trad, pop.