Sing Better Sound Better - with Gemma Turner

Sat, 22/04/2017 - 10:00am - Sun, 23/04/2017 - 5:00pm

Workshop Details

April 22-23, 2017
Addison Rd Community Centre
Marrickville, NSW

Early Bird Special registration before Easter weekend Cost: $300/$240 Concession

Workshop restricted to 8 participants.

Gemma specialises in teaching non-classical voice production methods and repertoire as well as mentoring individuals, a cappella groups and choirs. She has taught for more than 20 years with all levels from beginner to professional and is skilled at teaching contemporary popular and specialist styles like Bulgarian folk voice. A highly experienced performer (Blindman’s Holiday, The Transylvaniacs), her teaching style draws on her own doctoral voice research at Sydney University as well as work with singing pedagogues such as Jo Estill, Loris Synan and Jane Heirich.  She is a recognised expert on how body movement connects with singing and her research has been published internationally.

Gemma Turner
Singer, Songwriter, Singing Educator, Researcher
Mob 0435 03 77 94

"Building your singing voice is like constructing a pyramid - you can’t reach the peak without building strong foundations first. During this weekend you'll learn about how to build these stable physical foundations that power your voice. They underpin strength, increase range, help control pitch and improve voice quality. Every time I come back to teach them, I learn more myself. Advanced techniques can be learnt more easily if these fundamentals are in place. I have often observed that it is a malfunction or inefficiency in these fundamentals that is most likely to hinder singing progress - even in advanced singers. Often, once these are understood and embodied, many other seemingly more complex vocal issues resolve. This is because the fundamentals relate to the things you take for granted, like breathing or how you stand or speak which you do every day - that is, you may be unconsciously practising a bad habit. During the course of this weekend, you will be learning new techniques that make singing easier and healthier for you. And the exciting thing is that healthy voices sound better! Small groups are my favourite way to teach technique because you learn from hearing others as well as observing your own singing. If you come prepared with common sense, a basic skill set and a willingness to observe and grow, you will go away with the knowledge and skills to become a better singer, as well as plenty of handouts to help you develop into the future."

Gemma Turner
PhD (Syd)
Singing Trainer


Warmups & cooldowns
How the voice works. What the singer needs to know.
Building reliability and flexibility.
Onsets & accessing registers
Finding and charting your range
Breath management intro
Dealing with “the break”
Q & A and song workshopping

More on breath management
how to activate breath support
Posture and singing
How to end throat constriction that blocks your range and power
Imagination, rhythm, emotion and movement for improved technique
Introduction to belting
Q & A and song workshopping

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Gemma Turner
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0435 03 77 94
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Addison Rd Community Centre
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