Andsome Friends

Andsome Friends is a small ensemble performing and recording Miguel Heatwole's a cappella pieces. We'd like to enlarge the ensemble to make it easier to gig more frequently. Based in Sydney, the group’s members have previously been, or currently are, involved in other musical projects: Ecopella, Monsieur Camembert, Solidarity Choir, Bel A Cappella, Touchwood, Vox Humana, Cloud Ten, and the Wayfarers. We'd be particularly pleased to hear from basses or sopranos with a reasonable standard of musical literacy.

Miguel founded the group in 2009 to record a collection of his original compositions and arrangements. The group has progressed the album as fast as its members - all of them busy in other muscial projects - can manage, and the long awaited release is scheduled for 2017. Miguel is developing new repertoire for future recording projects.

Two tracks, written by Terry Clinton, feature the vihuela da mano but otherwise the music is all unaccompanied. Although the songs are contemporary there is a good measure of the past in our sound. We borrowed a time machine to abduct Palestrina from the 16th century and give the Hunters And Collectors classic Throw Your Arms Around Me an ornate polyphony you don't often hear in rock anthems. For all of its contemporary relevance our fugue about environmental waste minimisation is unashamedly Baroque. We also enjoy a cappella mash-ups of thematically related tv shows from Miguel's youth and mingle them light-heartedly. For a closer look at our repertoire please visit our website.

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