Blue Mountains Phoenix Choir

Phoenix is an SATB community choir.
While we have many experienced singers, membership is open to anyone who is willing to learn. We provide online music resources and extra workshops and rehearsals, which are particularly helpful to those who do not read music and/or are discovering and developing their singing voice.

Our annual program varies, but usually includes one or two performances of major works, carols at Christmas, the opening concert of the Blackheath Choir Festival every second year in August, and appearances at fundraisers and other events.

We focus on classical choral works, but also sing a range of other styles, such as madrigals, folk and contemporary pieces. Under the direction of Rowen Fox, who became our Musical Director in 2012, we continue to expand our repertoire and vocal range and bring our music to ever widening audiences.

We sometimes combine in concert with other groups, such as Leura Singers and Allegri Singers, with guest soloists, or with instrumental ensembles such as Three Piece Suite and Orpheus Strings. We perform throughout the upper mountains, and in LIthgow and Bathurst.

Our members come from all walks of life and enjoy a friendly camaraderie that often extends beyond music making, and we have fun raising money for ourselves and others:

0417 200 487