Melbourne Contemporary Choir (MCCHOIR Carlton)

Melbourne Contemporary Choir is the 'Choir of Choice'. Have you previously belonged to choirs or sung in a vocal group? Looking for a more creative outlet to express yourself? Learn to sing with us at exciting concerts, studio recordings and corporate events. Join at two great locations: Carlton (MON nights 6.45PM - 251 Faraday Street Carlton) and Macleod (THUR nights 7.30PM - 7 Birdwood Ave Macleod).

Under the leadership of Jason Simmonds you will learn healthy vocal technique, timing, placement, tone, pitch, learn how to adapt to different styles of singing. Come to a MCCHOIR session where Jason will get you singing and experimenting with your voice, as you explore the nuances of contemporary singing.

The choir performs with a live band and sings in SATB. The group is really bloke friendly and we strive for a good balance of female and male voices. If you're wanting to bring out your Creative Best then look no further. Register for a first free tryout session with MCCHOIR at one of our dynamic locations in Melbourne.

The choir has recently launched a choir for teenagers - MCYOUTH under the leadership of Alinta Burnell and is a great way to introduce your teen to the world of popular singing. This new breed of choir is really making it's mark in the Melbourne music scene.

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