Glendale Waldorf SIngers

We are a very lucky group of women, men and students who indulge in that very special activity - singing. We sing a wide range of Acapella (up to 6 part) music from Baroque, Renaissance through Russian Orthodox, Jewish and other sacred music to modern, original secular works. While sing occasional Barbershop (with the ladies) we do not sing pop music. I have been angling at Scat singing for a while now without luck and another surprise - we don’t do much Gospel.

If you want a peak at the kinds of music we sing see :

Lead by the very gifted, experienced and empathetic Justin Montefiore, our numbers range from 4 to 16 people. Our core group has been together for around 6 years and started with parents from the Newcastle Waldorf School. No auditions, open to everyone, always. We only have one rule – no spectators – if you come you are expected to sing and share.

We learn both with and without music. We perform in public on rare occasions, however our main aim is to have fun, develop an appreciation and acumen for music without pressure or pretense. I guarantee you will go home high as a kite (legally).

We meet Tuesdays 7.30PM to 9.30PM (excluding school holidays) at the beautiful Newcastle Waldorf School Hall at 36 Reservoir Rd Glendale. The acoustics and ambience are sensational.

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