Very Small Choir

The Very Small Choir is an "invitation" choir, which formed in 2008 for the Blackheath Choir Festival.

Originally a quartet, we now have nine voices, all with solid musical or theatrical backgrounds. We're not so Very Small as we were, but we have no plans to get any bigger!

We share the musical and theatrical direction between us, each contributing ideas from their own area of expertise. While we normally sing a'cappella, sometimes we invite a guest accompanist - guitar, piano, violin, flute, lagerphone and kazoos have all been part of our act at different times. We've even had a guest duck...

We choose our music according to our whim. If it looks like fun, we'll give it a try. If we can add silly hats, so much the better, but we also enjoy more serious pieces - classical, madrigals, sacred and secular.

We perform at the Blackheath Choir Festival at the end of August and at benefits and other events as they occur.