Fortissimo was the Sydney Italian Women's Choir - you didn't need to be Italian or a woman to join - and for 11 wonderful years we thrived on Observatory Hill in Sydney's Millers Point.

Part-choir, part-workshop, one of the hallmarks of Fortissimo was it's commitment to choral education -, sight-reading, theory and vocal technique, and it was all captained by Sydney teacher and performer Nadia Piave,and it was all very Eccellente!

Things changed, Co-Vid happened, and instead of re-inventing itself as an on-line choir, Nadia decided to take the Fortissimo energy and start a series of sessions to teach 'allied' choral skills, namely Sight-singing. And so as of March 2020 Nadia Piave's Prima Vista sight-singing sessions have been unravelling the mysteries of the inner ear for a group of trusty singers.

We meet on Sunday mornings on the Zoom platform(a beautiful time for concentrating!) and sight-sing for 1 and a bit hours, learning tips and tricks to help decode the dots.

Terms are 9 weeks long - enough time to feel an improvement!

4 Terms in 2020:
Term 1: March 29 - May 24
Term 2: May 31 to July 26
Term 3: September 6 - Nov 1
Term 4: November 8 - 29, 4 week consolidation term

$180 per 9 week Term
regrettably no Drop-Ins - Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will a solid sight-singing regime be; it's a cumulative skill, but once you're on the road a whole new singing world WILL open!
For more details please contact me:
a presto allora!