Coro Austral

Coro Austral
Artistic Director: Margot McLaughlin

Coro Austral:
• Is a Sydney-based auditioned chamber choir, whose mission is to explore, research and perform Iberian and Latin American choral music at a high standard to as wide an audience as possible.

• Also performs repertoire from Australia and elsewhere.

• Regularly collaborates with musicians, artists, composers, musicologists and others in order to fulfil its mission.

• Performs a wide range of periods and styles of repertoire: 13th to 21st century — renaissance, classical, baroque, romantic, traditional, folkloric, contemporary and more.

• Sings in any language appropriate to the music, including Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Basque, indigenous languages, Latin, English, German, Ladino, Yiddish, Hebrew, etc.

• Knowledge of these languages is not a prerequisite of membership as coaching is provided.

Members of Coro Austral:

• Have excellent vocal quality and musicianship, the ability to sight-read music, and previous choral experience.

• Commit to attend and be punctual for all or most weekly Wednesday evening rehearsals, usually 7 – 9.30pm, but sometimes until 10pm, plus occasional extra weekend rehearsals.

• Perform approximately 3 major concerts with the choir each year.

• Perform in festivals and other events from time to time.

• Practise music regularly at home in between rehearsals.

• Attend occasional workshops organised as ongoing training for members of Coro Austral.

• Inform the choir’s management well in advance of any planned absences, and as soon as possible when there is an unexpected absence.

• Pay a compulsory fee for each rehearsal/performance period (see below).

• Contribute to the general wellbeing and running of the choir by assisting with rehearsal set-up, concert publicity, refreshments, etc.

• Have a positive attitude to ensemble singing, learning new repertoire and performing in multiple languages.

• Approach choral singing with commitment & enthusiasm.

• Auditions are conducted as a prerequisite to joining Coro Austral.

• All choir members will be subject to periodic re-audition or evaluation at the discretion of the Artistic Director.

• The audition process will include:

--o Vocal exercises to warm up and to test your range.
--o Singing a solo piece you know well (any style or language) that shows your vocal and musical abilities.
--o Tests of your aural, rhythmic and sight-reading skills.
--o Ensemble – singing your part with other singers in a piece we give you to prepare in advance.

• After the audition, and subject to a place being available in the choir:

--o If you complete a successful audition, you will be invited to attend a Coro Austral rehearsal (no payment required).
--o If both you and the Artistic Director then wish you to continue with Coro Austral, you will be offered temporary membership for a trial period.
--o If you complete a successful trial period you will be offered full membership if there is a vacancy.
--o If your audition is successful but there is no permanent place currently available, you may be put on a waiting list or asked to fill a temporary or casual vacancy.
--o If your audition or trial period is not successful, you will be given feedback and information about other choirs that may better suit your abilities and/or options for further training or improving your skills.


• Membership fees are calculated for a full rehearsal/performance period, currently based on $12 per rehearsal, plus any workshop fees for that term.

• Full members pay rehearsal fees as a lump sum for a given rehearsal/performance period.
• During the trial period the rehearsal fee is payable weekly.

• If accepted into the choir, the full rehearsal fee will be due, less any fees already paid.

For further information or to apply to join Coro Austral, please contact the Administrator:

David Goodwin
Mobile: 0410 505 562

0410 505 562